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Your Favorite NYC Steakhouses 

Without the Travel or NYC Prices



Starters | Soups | Salads


Hot & Chilled Seafood Platter  $38

lobster. jumbo shrimp. scallops. crabmeat

(Smith & Wollensky)

Lobster Bisque  $6


Escargot  $7

with garlic basil butter, prosciutto, chopped tomatoes, & garlic toast

(Del Frisco’s)

Chopped Salad  $7

romaine, baby spinach, carrots, celery, cucumber, red onion, sweet red pepper, napa cabbage, & avocado 


Iceberg Wedge  $7

crisp wedge of iceberg, tomatoes, bacon, & creamy bleu cheese


Sliced Beefsteak Tomato  $6

with luger’s sauce

(Peter Luger)




Steaks | Chops | Seafood


Colorado RibSteak  $38

24-26 ounce

(Smith & Wollensky)

Porterhouse for 2  $53

32-34 ounce

(Maloney & Porcelli)

Filet Mignon Au Poivre    $29

black peppercorn encrusted filet medallions w. a peppercorn au poivre sauce


Seafood Pasta  $29

lobster, shrimp, crabmeat, & clams tossed w. fettuccini  | Choice of red or white sauce

(Ben & Jack’s)

Thick Cut Premium Pork Chop  $22

(Frankie & Johnnie’s)

Drunken Ribeye  $26





         Sides for the table                Desserts by Beth

                 ----------------                                                 ----------------

                              $5                                                         $6

            Jumbo Asparagus w. Hollandaise                        Double Chocolate Cake

                     Creamed Spinach                                           Tiramisu

                  Baked Mac & Cheese                                  Banana Cream Pie

                         ----------------                                  NY Cheesecake w. Strawberries

                           20% off                                               Creme Brûlée

               your favorite bottle of wine




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